Visuals from our artists in situ

We’d love to walk you through the image selection process. We know how important it is to live in a home that fits. CLIPSO visual mapping is the best means to help you imagine how it will look.

When selecting a printed ceiling or a printed wall, the first question is: How is this going to look in situ? Our best answer is to provide mappings for the artwork we propose, so you can have a clear idea of the final result. If mapping with image you have selected doesn’t exist: that’s fine, we are at your disposal to make it. Just contact the CLIPSO Design service via this contact form. Our team will happily help you in the making of your stretch ceiling or stretch wall !

As you can see with these mappings, the images in our collections are available for every type of installation. They can be installed on exhibition stands, as paintings, on aluminium frames or simply on a ceiling or a wall ! Feel free to use your printed fabric as you like, to imagine the decoration that feels like you.

Our collections are only a selection of the portfolios of our partnered artists. You are very welcome to provide your own artwork to create your printed wall. Should you wish more information, feel free to contact us. You can also consult this website in order to find new ideas.

Grand-Palais-La-Joconde-portrait-de-Monna-Lisa-11-564761-espace-reposLes grands artistes
AG CARDOON SalonAnnaïck Guitenny
BR-Jardin-ZenBaleine Rouge
CG-Reine-De-DamasCatherine Gestin
GT-Le-fantome-De-lEauGérald Thierry
KE-3478Katharina Etter
MD-ProtectionMuriel Despiau
PC-EtePauline Cottereau
RV-Ile-Aux-Cocos-Ouest-15Renaud Van Der Meeren
SK-VegetationSvetlana Kuliskova
TM-Banff-1-SalonTarun Mathur
TJ-MaudeTéo Jasmin
VG-15Valérie Ghévart
VR-Depart-Multicoques-06Vincent Rustuel