Our visuals are versatile for private or public spaces !

The images we provide can be use in any room or space. They can create an ambiance in your living room as easily as in an open-air ! Maximize the wow factor of the stretch fabric with some backlight or indirect lighting.

Many private people have already chosen from our image collection: a customized image with the name of a child, a graphic visual for a teenager, a landscape in the living room… theseare all visuals that can be installed at your home. So, don't hesitate: let yourself go with your creative inspiration ! With CLIPSO Design, there’s simply no limit to your decoration possibilities.

A printed stretch fabric will give a modern feel to your room, either on a ceiling or a wall. Minimalist with one single wall or maximalist with every single wall, the print will be the feature of your interior decoration. We’ve created a number of mappings to help you in choosing the best one for you.

If the visual you are looking at is not available as a mapping, feel free to send your request to our Design department so they can create it. Wether it's an image already in our collection or a file from your own image library, our team will happily answer your needs!

You have access to our collections, which are a non-exhaustive selection of artworks. If you’d like to, feel free to send your own images to make your very own printed ceiling. For any question, we invite you to contact us. You can also consult this website to find more inspiration.


Grand-Palais-La-Joconde-portrait-de-Monna-Lisa-11-564761-espace-reposŒuvres d'art célèbres
CD-1381-Fruits-Exotiques-Salla-a-mangerDélices et Gourmandises
CD-1430-PELAGE-SalonEffets de Matières
CD-1828 Animaux de la forêt ChambreEnfant
CD-1834 GraphismeGraphique
CD-1719-SalonMers et Océans
CD-1782-BoutiqueTrompe l’œil