Turn your walls and ceilings into real artworks thanks to our partnered artists !

Over the years we’ve become very close to various artists, including photographers, designers and painters. You now have access to an entire gallery of high resolution images to choose from for your stretch ceilings or walls.

These specially chosen pieces are here for you to customize your home to your own desires! Artworks from master painters will immediately add something special to your living room, while graphical visuals can enhance a bedroom.

Our stretch ceilings and stretch walls are adapted for durable printing. And you can trust in CLIPSO Design, who will process your order as soon as possible.

Take your time to browse our collections, which are a non-exhaustive selection of artworks. If you’d like to, feel free to send your own images to make your very own personalised printed ceiling. For any question, we invite you to contact us. You can also consult this website to find more inspiration.

Congratulations, you’ve just opened a door to your imagination!

Grand Palais La Joconde portrait de Mona Lisa 11 564761Les grands artistes
Bamboo Leaves 1Annaïck Guitenny
Place-Fleur-DailBaleine Rouge
Ailes-De-LibelluleCatherine Gestin
BubblesGérald Thierry
2413Katharina Etter
Facade-Miniluc borell
IrisMuriel Despiau
Crepuscule-01Pauline Cottereau
Detroit-de-Torres-Australie-01-08-1993Planet Observer
Chott-El-Djerid-Tozeur-041Renaud Van Der Meeren
VegetationSvetlana Kuliskova
Bali-3Tarun Mathur
EmmaTéo Jasmin
07AValérie Ghévart
Accastillage-01Vincent Rustuel