Create your own printed stretch ceiling!

The layout is the question that has to come through your mind when moving in a new space. So how to have an interior covering that will not get dirty, that would last and original enough not to get bored of? CLIPSO products are the answer to all those problematics with the printable stretch ceilings.

The making of a printed stretch ceiling

Everything starts with choosing an image. You can browse our images collection, exclusively made in partnership with artists. Of course, you can also submit your own photo. CLIPSO Design will then assess the image quality, and ensure the size and quality are right for your project. Otherwise, we will guide you towards our image collection or towards specialized image banks. Your request will then be processed. Our timeframe depends on the size of your project and the number of live projects. Please be aware that we will start the printing process as soon as we have your confirmation.

You will be in contact with a CLIPSO certified installation company throughout the creative process of your project, who are there to assist and guide you. They will also be in contact with CLIPSO Design and will be informed of the entire process. As soon as the stretch fabric is ready, your installation partner will install it. As soon as you are in contact with your local installer, you can sit back and they will take care of everything!

Example of a printed stretch ceiling

Stretch fabric is so versatile, there are thousands of possibilities. For example, you can choose a stretch ceiling or an aluminium frame with printed fabrics on. Check out our series of visuals of stretch ceilings and mappings.

A ceiling before the installation of a CLIPSO stretch fabric
Your initial ceiling
+ The chosen image for your stretch ceiling
The image you have chosen to be printed on the stretch ceiling
= Your room after the CLIPSO stretch ceiling is installed
Your final ceiling