Decorate your bedroom with a printed wall!

Create your decoration with the CLIPSO printed wall!

To make your master bedroom individual, sometimes it needs a bit of decoration. Some will choose to paint it, others will change the furniture, and some will prefer to choose a covering that is out of the ordinary: stretched fabric. Individuals who want us to create a printed wall or printed ceiling for them regularly contact us.

This person wanted to immerse his bedroom in a soothing, Zen-like world. To do this, first of all he played with the decoration and with the colours (white, red and black). He complemented his decor with two pictures on the side that we produced from visuals he provided. Next, we printed them onto a stretched covering. To conclude, we installed a stretched wall at the back of the bedroom. All these elements enable us to create an ambiance that suits you.


Bedroom of an individual – Switzerland (printed wall and pictures)
Production: CLIPSO