The printed ceiling immerses you in fantasy.

Immerse yourself in an enchanted world with our printed walls and ceilings!

When you immerse yourself into interior design and you have to deal with the wishes of each occupant, sometimes it is difficult to choose. With stretched covering, you will get everyone to agree!

The owners of this house proved that parents could do the impossible for their children, by dedicated a room as a playroom. They didn’t stop there. In fact, they called on our printed coverings to decorate the room. Their aim was to reproduce the world of Alice in Wonderland on entering through the doorway. An aim that was achieved if we are to believe the visuals above!

With CLIPSO printed ceilings and printed walls, you can decorate your whole house. Luxuriously like this playroom or more modestly, printable coverings mean you can immerse all your rooms in different worlds, each different from the other. You can also link the aesthetic with the technical with acoustic and translucent coverings.


“Alice in Wonderland” play area for children - Russia (printed walls and ceilings)
Agency: Deco Interiors Studio – Production: Istrem