The printed frame with backlighting is the ideal way to light up your interior.

Use a printed frame with backlighting!

It is difficult to carry out individual decoration when you have to choose between two industrial products. With CLIPSO, you have the possibility of personalising your product, by choosing the covering, the visuals and how you will use it.

The printed frame with backlighting means you can create a division to separate two areas, as is the case in this project. The technology used for backlighting means the frame can be used as a light. At night, the frame becomes a completely separate source of light, just like a lamp. By choosing printed fabric rather than standard fabric also adds an aesthetic element to the frame.

You can produce this type of printed frame with backlighting by contacting us. We would be delighted to speak to you. Producing a frame leaves you free to imagine the final result you want by choosing the visuals.


Lounge – Swiss (printed frame with back-lighting)
Production: BEWICO Design - Photos : David Gostoli Photography