Ceiling printed on translucent fabric for a hotel

Turn your establishment into a unique hotel with the translucent printed ceiling!

Stretched covering is an excellent solution when you are building or refurbishing your hotel. It means you can bring together comfort and aesthetics. You also have the opportunity to personalise it by requesting the printing of a motif, a photo or any other visual.

The owners of the Hilton hotel trusted our printed covering to produce ceilings in several areas of their new establishment. Using our translucent printable covering, we were able to create a 300m2 ceiling. The lighting brightened up closed areas and gave the establishment an element of chic.

The Hilton hotel is one of many large projects we have had the privilege of working on. You too can call on our services to provide you with the stretched fabric you need. Printed with the visual of your choice, the covering, once in place, will give your hotel an added value.


Hotel Hilton – Thailand (bright, printed ceilings)
Architect: PIA Interior – Project Manager: Niwat Aunprueng – Production: Chingcgai & Sons Engineering