Choose the translucent printed ceiling to transform your restaurant!

Go for a translucent printed ceiling in your restaurant!

Creating designs to attract customers is an issue for many restaurant owners. Originality is the key to success! Some have decided to use CLIPSO stretched walls and ceilings to add this unique touch. Above, you can see the restaurant RMA WATANYA, in Casablanca, where the owner trusted in our products to create his ceiling.

The feeling that emerges from this restaurant is without doubt, nature. The restaurant owner wanted to re-create nature for his interior. To do so, he played with green, the brown of the wood, the greenery and materials. To reinforce the idea of being in natural surroundings, he decided to install a translucent printed ceiling. A blue sky was printed on the stretched fabric. In order to brighten up the ceiling, we installed a light effect. The result was a success ! We wanted to wander among the tables and sit down to watch the sky !

The translucent covering can be printed with any images you like. For example, we can light up a fabric moon. Using translucent images gives limitless possibilities, it depends on your imagination and your ambitions.


Restaurant RMA WATANAYA - Casablanca (printed translucent covering 550 PT)
Installation: Art Tech Innovation