CThe printed covering adapts to all shapes and walls.

Make your shop unique with CLIPSO coverings.

The shop is the showcase of your brand. This image will stay in visitors’ memories. If they feel good, they will spend and they will come back. So to make that happen, CLIPSO printed products are perfect.

On the wall and on the ceiling, this luxury goods shop was able to exploit the potential of our stretched fabric. The medium used for the ceiling is an imposing element of the decoration. It invites you to walk around to discover the story of the photos. The wall echoes the suspended frame by showing the photos again. Divided by black lines and highlighted by lighting, the photos are a central element of the shop. This type of setting is perfect for a photographer or a shop! In fact, at first glance, you discover the products and services on offer.

VYou too can have CLIPSO stretched fabric. We will be delighted to respond to your request and work alongside you to bring it to life. You can use the covering for your walls, your ceilings; to create panels, partitions or pictures; or even, to suspend a hanging construction as in this shop.


Luxury shop - Netherlands (standard printed covering 507P)
Installed by: I OMS – Photos: Peter Majolee