For your showrooms, choose a CLIPSO printed wall!

Decorate your showroom with a translucent printed wall!

The showroom is a space dedicated to your products. You can create a world in order to show them off. By choosing our printed stretch fabrics, give yourself the chance to create the most realistic background!

Above you can see an overview of the showroom installed in the Fenyadi shop, a high-end artisan brand from Morocco. In order to conjure up the spirit of the desert, they wanted to print a landscape on CLIPSO translucent stretched fabric. The light from the backlighting catches the eye and highlights the products and the shop’s ambiance. Once the printed wall was installed, the brand’s products were arranged.

Like Fenyadi, you have the chance to create stretched fabric to suit your brand. When designing your covering, you can choose to cover the whole wall or a ceiling; or use the fabric on a panel; or put it on a picture; etc. We can let your imagination run riot!


Fenyadi Beauty Space – Raba, Morocco (translucent printed covering)
Design: Depa Design Rabat – Installation: Art Tech Innovation