The CLIPSO printed wall highlights your showroom.

Create the printed wall that reflects your company’s image!

The showroom is an essential space for any company wishing to exhibit its products. This place allows visitors to discover your expertise and get to know your range. Therefore it is not a place to be neglected.

At CLIPSO, we are aware that your showroom is the shop window of your company. That’s why, we use everything we can to satisfy you. Do as our partner MonaVisa did! They created a showroom where they put up a printed wall. The graphic design of this fabric is very particular. In fact, it plays on symmetry and presence of details (shadows, fragments). Therefore, clarity in the printing is essential.

As you can see, the graphic details are no obstacle to printing. The CLIPSO Design service will ensure the quality of the final result in order to satisfy you as far as possible.


Fittings for a Show Room space - Belgium (printed on standard covering)
Production: MonaVisa